Pyautogui Time Delay

Pyautogui time delay is explained in this article.

PyAutoGUI is a python library which contains functions to control keyboard and mouse.

Time Delay is a delay that seperates occurrence of two events.

Pyautogui Time Delay

The movements of pyautogui functions are so fast that a programmer cannot easily follow, things can go wrong even if a click is slightly misplaced.

To avoid that, pyautogui has PAUSE variable.

You can set this variable to any float.

The default value of PAUSE is 0.1 seconds, that is tenth of second.

You can simply set this variable to desired time you want.

Setting pyauotogui.PAUSE will delay every pyautogui expression by time you set.

By default every pyautogui expression is delayed 0.1 seconds before next expression is executed.

If in case your program goes into wrong direction, you can use pytuautogui's fail safe system. If you quickly drag the mouse to corners of screen the program stops.

If you want to pause delay the program just at particular step and not for all expressions then you can use python time delay to do that.